About us

Hello there and welcome to FAIRIES LAND COSMETICS!


We appreciate you taking the time to visit our store.

We guarantee that exploring our products will allow you to see the wonder of color and enter a fascinating hidden realm.


Who are we, exactly?

not your normal retailer.

We are a brand-new cosmetics company committed to providing enthusiasts and novices with high-quality, reasonably priced products.



EVERYONE is welcome in FAIRIES LAND COSMETICS! In our world, there are no divisions or limits. Everyone is accepted in this place for who they are, exactly as they are. Our main concern is affordability; we want to be reachable by all FAIRIES (you), regardless of your budget. We use cruelty-free ingredients, have shadows that are buttery smooth and pigmented, and take into account every skin tone when selecting our products. Products from FAIRIES LAND COSMETICS are meticulously developed and illustrated to meet your needs.


This Land is a made-up world where we share and spread love, passion, and happiness about makeup through goofy illustrations and animations. We don't want our brand to be solely about making profit; instead, we want to create a family and provide you joy, whether you buy something from us or just browse our pages for fun.


Enjoy your shopping!